Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hou d'ye's a windy bastard outside in Scottish?

She went out with a bang!  I’m sad to inform you that a wind turbine in Ardrossan, North Ayrshire, Scotland erupted into flames after being battered by the gale force winds and storms off the coast, as the Telegraph reports.

Normally a safety mechanism inside of the engine is supposed to feather the blades inward so that the surface area facing the wind decreases.  "Turbines are generally sold with the promise that they’ll withstand category 5 hurricanes but it looks like they can’t all walk the high wind walk."

Well, I hope that America learns a lesson and implements this safety feature to save taxpayers $3 mill if this should happen in Lake Erie.  

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  1. I dunno why but I find this to be funny. We have lots of pressure to use wind as a source of energy. Seems to me that there are more dangers to this then people are aware of.


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