Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Race Street Pier

I've talked about the Race Street Pier on here before, but this time I actually went there myself.  Overall the design, from the diagonal wood pattern floor to the sleek benches, is quite nice.  I walked down during a lunch break and was surprised to find it completely empty, I mean, I know it's cold out, but c'mon people(!).

Actually, what I liked even more than the pier was the River>>  City << signs under the bridge on Race Street.  I thought they were fun and made the underside of a bridge, well, not look like the underside of most Philadelphia bridges, so what I'm saying is that it wasn't scary to walk under.

Check it out sometime, it's pretty nice.

[edit]  For those that may not be familiar, this is the Benjamin Franklin Bridge that spans over the Delaware River from Philadelphia to Camden, NJ.

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