Tuesday, April 10, 2012

behind the scenes--renault


GK: Progress rather than perfection?

HB: Exactly, no one can decide about perfection. For one it
is boring and doesn’t exist. You only need to look at nature to
realise that it changes all the time. There is the great quote
by Lampedusa from his book ‘The Leopard’. It was made into
a film starring Burt Lancaster who said the line- “Everything
must change to stay the same”.

For me, the director of that movie Luchino Visconti, or Moby
Dick or even Optimus Prime is exactly the same level of
importance. Culture is our life and this includes popular
culture. It’s about inspiring people to create things for

People are constantly talking about greenhouse gasses, I am
way more worried about the dead gas in peoples heads. The
real issue is that people don’t look at things anymore, they
don’t read anything and they don’t have any kind of sense of
judgement. Designers have a responsibility to inject some sort
of culture into society and to have far reaching references. To
educate. And to be honest. We need trust.
Full Interview: Here

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