Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lately: two very cool things

1.  What is the Hudson River Project?
It’s a simple idea. Build a boat from New York City’s waste, take it to the source of the Hudson River – the river without which the city would not exist – and row the boat back to NYC.

Who is behind the Hudson River Project?
This project is a collaboration between Antony Crook and James Bowthorpe. We have worked on projects together over the last two years and the Hudson River Project is our next collaboration. The band Mogwai are also involved and will be writing an original soundtrack for the film. Here’s a couple of short films that we’ve worked on together:

2Slow chair ­ 2007--Knitted textile, tubular structure and cushions.
Dimensions : 928 x 950 x 890 (height) mm
Vitra, Switzerland

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