Thursday, June 14, 2012

First-Ever GIVEAWAY: Corter Leather!!

We have Corter Leather Guitar Picks up for grabs for our first-ever GIVEAWAY.  Here's a description of what you could win:

"The original leather guitar pick, available in natural. These picks are great for a bit of everything, giving a much warmer tone than plastic picks and molding to your grip a bit. Hides are picked by hand to be more firm than wallet hides- they are not made from scrap. Don't let the thickness fool you- as leather is a natural material and performs much like skin, these picks act similarly to the slim plastic picks we're all used to. We suggest playing with the rough side on your thumb for grip."-Corter

-American Certified Byproduct Vegetable Tanned Leather
-Pack of 5
-5oz thickness
-Can be tanned and oiled to a carmel brown color
-Includes carrying pouch

HOW TO WINThe winner will be randomly selected by Saturday, June 16th 5:00PM.  3 Ways To win: simply Follow by Email to this blog (see subscription box on right side), RT this giveaway on twitter @vwalker1 "SHHHHH gives away #Corter Leather"  or simply comment and say send me this!  It's that easy, so why not get some free goods?  I'll update the winner here so check back!!  

WINNER: Congrats to kate "letters to anna" and "at least for now"  email you address to vwalker1 (at) gmail (dot) com to receive some mail!  

Check back monthly for more giveaways!!  Thanks for your support!


  1. I would love to win this! Send me some, please
    -Paul, Rochester

  2. I'd love to win this for my husband. Thanks for doing this!

  3. I'd love to win this for my husband. Thanks for doing this!

  4. i followed and tweeted...
    those are so cute, ah! send me this please ! (:

  5. OOOOOhh totally want this!!! O_O


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