Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What Goes In The Ditty Bag? | Best Made Co.

Pictures by Best Made Co.
Pictures by Best Made Co.

Pictures by Best Made Co.

The Best Made Ditty Bag Origins

Originally a ditty bag would most commonly store the tools of a sailor’s trade, typical contents might include: beeswax, varied needles, buttons of different types, pins, white tape, Dutch tape, thimble, whited brown thread, black thread, worsted blue and scraps of light duck, his marlinspike, a fid, a palm and needles, a bullock’s horn, and personal sundries. As wind was eventually replaced with gas and nuclear power, the sailor’s ditty would contain uniform and personal effects (see above diagram). Since its nautical origins, the ditty has been adopted as an effective all-purpose utility bag for other trades including space exploration, forest services, the boy scouts, sea scouts, etc.

Some say the ditty bag got its name from from the word “dittis” (a derivation of the Saxon word “dite” meaning “tidy”), others say that because a sailor would spend great lengths at sea he needed two of each item (hence it derived from “the ditto bag”).  Here

My Camping Ditty Bag Picks:

I'm no sailor so these are some essentials that I think every camper's "Ditty Bag" should have:

Details: New Balance Trail Runners  |  Outlier Waterproof Jacket  |  Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap (shampoo, cleaning dishes, laundry)  |  Ziplocks Double zips  |  Gravity-Free Pen Field Notes or Any small notepad  |  Film Camera: Pentax K1000  |  Kershaw Leek Knife  |  Tough Hatchet  |  Insect Repellent  |  Collapsible Kites and Fishing Rods

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  1. Nice bag, nice kit. I have so many rucks etc but this one with its simplicity is my favorite. Just the basics go in there for me. Nice post thanks for sharing.


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