Friday, August 31, 2012

Beer Review (1): Southern Tier IPA

Brewery:  Southern Tier  |  Beer:  India Pale Ale (IPA)
Beer Advocate Review Average (rAvg): 88

I really enjoy the Southern Tier IPA.  It has a smooth mouth feel and it's not too floral-y or hoppy for those trying to get into the IPAs for Summer(please note that I am in no way a professional beer taster).  Actually, there's a huge contrast between the S.T. IPA and say, a Dogfishhead 60 min.  The notes aren't too deep and it is a lot smoother than most IPAs I'm used to.  This also is probably part of the reason it didn't get a higher score on Beer Advocate.  Nothing too special or different coming out of this beer, just a smooth and fresh feeling taste with notes I personally describe as slightly bitter, fresh (almost a nature smell), and ending dry on the tongue.

With Summer coming to a close, I thought to document some of the IPAs I had over the last few months.  Looking forward to Pumpkin Beer and Harvest Ales!  I always enjoy getting a beer recommendation and thought these kind of posts could be useful for any readers out there!  Bottoms Up!

I welcome all suggestions!

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