Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Sperry Boat Shoe

I've gone through two pairs of Sperrys in the last couple of years.  I beat the crap out of them--bike, run (for buses), walk, step in lakes, puddles, ride motorcycles in them and everything in between.  I know they're not Yuketens or Eastlands or the highly revered Quoddy, but I like them.  I don't feel worried about my shoes when I go outside and it ends up raining.  Or if the trail is muddier than expected.  Or if it's a trash day with gusts of wind blowing debris everywhere in Philly.  These shoes are great and I highly suggest the new color scheme of the suede editions.   They're super comfortable and just in time for Fall.


  1. i dont know why i am always uncomfortable with shoes without socks like boat shoes, well IMHO, sweating too much feet

  2. Yeah, I understand that. There are no-show socks you could wear with boat shoes. Suede is a tough call for no-socks, but an old pair of leather boaties are for beating around in anyway. And if your feet are too sweaty maybe a little powder could do the trick?


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