Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Budapest:CET-ONL Oosterhuis Lénárd

[image © ONL [oosterhuis_lénárd]
; image © romeodesign]

Sitting across the Danube River, CET (Central European Time), the project's name, is a remarkable structure built to establish a visual connection between the physically separated sides of buda and pest.  The lines and curving nature of the structure play well into the name and meaning of 'Cet,' the Hungarian word for whale.  The 19th century warehouse outer structures almost look as though they are holding the bulbous 'cet' structure in place.  The two structures come together to form some of the most beautiful forms of architecture, where old meets new.  A+

project info: WEBSITE

project’s name: CET (central european time) budapest
project’s address: közraktárak budapest hungary
architectural office: ONL [oosterhuis_lénárd]

design team: kas oosterhuis, ilona lénárd, gijs joosen, owen slootweg, bas wijnbeld, anna nagy, bujdosó attila, márku judit,
romvári péter, tom krzempek, rafael     seemann, paulina gurak, michael gorczynski, lidia badarnah, jan gasparik, petr vokal
year of design completion: 2012
status: completed

client: porto investment hungary kft., budapest
partners: MTM statika - lead structural engineering, SMG-SiSu - MEP engineering
function: retail (shopping-gallery) and conference centre

gross floor area: 27.000 m2
stories: 5 stories, 2 stories parking garage
parking garage: 7500 m2
load-bearing structure: mass-customized steel structure
finishes: steel glass facade paneling, aluminium facade paneling, wooden floor finishing

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