Friday, November 2, 2012

Admiring Wood-N-Arts







In general, I feel that the majority of Marine life is scary as all heck.  Why do fish need to be THAT BIG?  Whales, squids, dolphins, sharks, octopus, sea snakes...I could go on!  Despite this overarching negative feeling about sea monsters, I can still appreciate the serenity of the sea and the beauty that lives inside (yay coral) and around the shore. 

So somehow today I was directed to Greg Pezzoni's wonderful wood carvings of fish and other animals.  Thankfully most of the fish are fresh water and I can deal with that, but some were of the sea variety and man, I think he is turning my negativity around.  These are stunning pieces of art and are painted beautifully.  There's so much detail in every stroke of the brush.  Check out his work on his Etsy page, and remember, Christmas is just around the bend.  And to end my post about fish fear, it's never too late to have your mind changed for the better.  Greg's Pinterest page.

How WOOD-N-ARTS came to be. (taken directly from Etsy)

While a caregiver for my father in 2009 I was on E-bay browseing catagories when I came accross fish chainsaw carvings which I really liked. Needing something to fill the time, since I was there 24 hours a day 4-5 days a week. I thought maybe I could try something like that, but on a smaller scale. I purchased a dremel tool, wood and started experimenting. I had always excelled at art from an early age and wildlife had always been my prefered subject matter.Although I hadn't done anything artisticly in probably 15 years. I soon developed a passion for this media and realized this was what I wanted to do full time.

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