Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Blues and Greens of the Adirondacks

For the first time in a few years we weren't rained on in the middle of the night or blasted by a storm and gale in the middle of the day.  Not to say I really minded much, but this year the trip and weather was absolutely perfect.  The call of the Loons, splash of a fish on the water and silence, only to be interrupted by canoe paddles in the water, is something that really cannot be recreated anywhere.  The Adirondacks are something special.  Coming home with the smell of fire on your clothes and the satisfaction of knowing you bagged the only trout in Black Pond is even better. 

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  1. I like the feeling of rain on the top of the tent, though I reckon I'm not alone there

  2. This looks and sounds heavenly! And I type this comment after a straight long week of working without a promise of a break, with a terrible cough. Just looking at these pictures makes me feel better.


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