Saturday, August 24, 2013

ETSY Finds: Woolrich Must-Haves For Fall

Etsy is a great resource for finding exactly what you are looking for.  I love the website, the concept, the blog, I love it all.  Fall weather is coming shortly, so what better way to prepare than with a quick search of those quality names we know and love.  Enter, Woolrich.  Here are three finds worth a second look...  

1.) $40 (Size 40)-- This vintage wool red coat by Woolrich is a really nice garment.  Just the right amount of color for the colder weather coming our way in the months to come.  HERE

2.) $48 (Size L)-- I know, a bit steep for a 50 year old shirt, but the coloring is working for me.  Looks soft, warm and in great shape.  You need another shirt jac.  HERE

3.) $25 (Size S)-- You can't beat the price.  Solid flannel, nice color, slim fitting, Woolrich.  HERE


  1. The red coat is gorgeous. Want.

  2. In most places of the earth people wear woolrich arctic parka throughout the vast majority of year. For women, this choice is often one manufactured for fashion's sake as well as when it comes to staying warm.


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