Monday, June 23, 2014

A New Outlook

Yosemite Panorama
Yosemite Panorama - Click for full view
There's something about the joy of today and the uncertainty of tomorrow that really puts life decisions in perspective.  My job of 3 years was making me increasingly miserable and something had to give.  Because really, it was just a job, just something I got through each day to make it to the weekend.  I hated it so much I went through phases of depression.  So something did give, I said to hell with this and to hell with putting myself through this all for a paycheck.  I put in my two-week notice and booked my flight for California. The only thing on the agenda was to hike a mountain or two, feel the pacific ocean on my face, and have an In-and-Out burger or 5.

It was simply awe-inspiring to be surrounded by such beautiful nature.  Everything else in life seemed small and meaningless at that moment.  So instead of dwelling on all the bad I left behind, I thought about how free I was from that point forward to pursue what makes me happy and to never allow myself to drown in and put up with BS like that ever again.

My new routine has begun back at home.  A new job and a new outlook on what is to come.  I needed this and I'm grateful for the opportunity.  That's what this picture reminds me of everyday, just how important it is to to never limit yourself and to constantly pursue happiness.

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  1. We all come to this but you dared to give it up and go, that's excellent news. I'm excited for you. So, the new job, totally different?


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