Thursday, June 19, 2014

Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Lake Tahoe, and Sunburn

It all started with a vague plan and shrugs two days before hand.  Yeah, going to Tahoe had always been on the list, but were we really up for the added drive on top of all the other vacation destinations?  Excited about the rental car and the possibilities it opened up, the plan was firmed up and we headed out of Sacramento east to Lake Tahoe.  From sprawling suburbs, to big woods, to thick rural lands, and mighty elevation gains, we made it to King's Beach at North Lake Tahoe.

I twisted the key, stepped out of the car and was instantly hit with a cool breeze coming off of the water.  Much cooler in Tahoe than Sacramento that day.  We decided to eat a picnic lunch on the shore and take in the scenery.  Locals were bathing in the sun, walking dogs, out on the water, or kicking back on their balconies.

Soon after we started covering ourselves in some SPF 45 and put our lunch leftovers back in the car.  Off to rent Stand Up Paddle Boards and give it a go.  We went into the nearest rental shop, which has momentarily escaped memory, signed a waiver and carried our boards to the water.  Here goes nothing.  Don't fall over.  The water is icy cold.  Success.  We paddled about for an hour not wanting to be charged another $20 bucks, but definitely left with a strong desire to get a board and have it back at home.  SUP was a lot of fun and would be great for any type of water by you.  I'm considering one for the lake back in NEPA.  Any way, here's a couple of shots from the visit.  Somehow I still managed to get sunburned...


  1. I'd love to go stand up paddling, seems major fun!

    Buckets & Spades

  2. It looks stunning over there! hope your sunburn is not too painful!

    Katrina Sophia Blog


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