Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Beer Review (42): Indian Brown Ale by Dogfish Head Brewery

Indian Brown Ale by Dogfish Head Brewery

BreweryDogfish Head Brewery Beer: Brown Ale | Beer Advocate Score: 95 Abv: 7.2%

Hey all you guys out there!  This here is my favorite nut ale on the market so far.  I'm not a huge fan of Dogfish Head, I know can you believe it, but this one takes the freakin' cake!

It's perfectly balanced with sweetness, nuttyness, and a bit of an alcohol punch.  You will enjoy this, You will want more.  You will not believe how yummy it is!  Have I turned you into a believer yet?

This is a scotch ale/pale ale hybrid.  We are calling it an American Brown ale!  I call the damn thing a nut ale to be simple.  As you can see it pours a deep brown color with a flat tan head.  Very, very good.


As a side note I am currently doing a 24-day challenge diet.  I'm on day 7 of the challenge and really, really, really, missing beer!  Can you tell from this post?? ;)


  1. I'll give this a go next time i'm over. We bought the ipa last time but I really wasn't keen on it.

    Buckets & Spades

    1. Mat, I'm not a huge fan of their IPAs either, though a lot of people are.


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