Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Ride Journal | Past & Present

The Ride Journal is a compilation of bike stories and pictures for the avid cyclist.  We're talking mountain, randonneur, lycra-wearing, racing, track, mud--everything you want a fine bicycling journal to cover, Apart from the wonderful content and killer images, 100% of the money made on the journal is donated to various charities.  You may download (for free) past issues and purchase new releases, here.


  1. Oh, people who participate in this type of sport always leave me in such awe. Biking in New York City was already so stressful for me, I can't imagine navigating that type of terrain!

  2. Looks awesome - I've followed various off road bikers on Instagram and they always just have the most breathtaking views. This looks like it is full of them too!


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