Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Top 5 Favorite Beers This Winter

My Top 5 Favorite Beers This Winter; duvel; stout; dogfish head; rogue; milk stout; ale; beer; favorite; top beer lists;
1. Dogfish Head - Indian Brown Ale  
I recently posted about my new found love for this hoppy, yet caramel-y flavored beer.  Nutty and strong and goes well with a sugary treat.  Like a true connoisseur, I paired it with a Ghirardelli brownie. $

2. Duvel - Belgian Golden Ale
When you think of Belgian beer, you think of Duvel.  World class beer and highly ranked and favored over many others.  This here is a great drink.  At an 8.5% ABV, you'll be feeling it after one pint.  This, my friends, is the true champagne of beers.  $$

3. Left Hand - Milk Stout
The best milk stout, IMHO, on the market these days.  Perfectly sweet from the lactose and nicely carbonated.  Quite filling, but very satisfying. $

4. Oskar Blues - Old Chub Scotch Ale (Nitro)
This one came as a surprise because I typically shy away from nitro beers.  Old chub was a delightful and strong Scottish ale.  Beer advocate gives it a very high score, as do many willing and daring taste testers.  Do try! $

5. Rogue - Hazelnut Brown Nectar 
Just, wow.  I love a good nut ale, but this here English brown ale with a very nutty, hazelnut tone is delicious.  Just go buy it, I'll let this one speak for itself.  $

Give some of these a go and let me know what you think.  If you've had some before what are your thoughts?  What have you been drinking??



  1. We love Duval, but who doesn't? What's your name on Uptappd?

    Buckets & Spades

    1. Hey Mat, I haven't used Untappd for a long time, but my username is 'vwalker'

      Not since I reached my 100 beers in one year goal have I logged anything :)


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