Monday, August 1, 2016

Adirondack Motorcycle Camping Trip

Armed with snacks, wallet, sunglasses and helmet, I was ready to tackle a long weekend vacation with my dad.  A father/daughter motorcycle trip to Paul Smith's College in the Adirondack Mountains of New York state.  The blue skies would seemingly go on forever, only ever disrupted by a rainstorm now and then.  Lakes speckled all through the region and dotting the topo maps we really didn't even need to carry.  A hike up St. Regis Mountain and a canoe paddle in Lower St. Regis Lake are all you really need to reset and unwind.  

We logged nearly 850 miles on the Harley Davidson bikes we rode.  My dad brought along his Ultra Classic and I rented a Dynaglide since my 400 Yamaha was not in perfect shape.  The Dynaglide was actually a great bike with a ton of power.  The windshield had to go after the first 200mi, so we strapped it onto my dad's bike as to not limit my "coolness factor."  

We drank a lot of crappy beer (i.e. Molson and Labatt), but it was still great.  I caught a fish and reeled in even more sea weed.  It's some of the most pristine nature you could ever imagine.  A world that you find hard to believe is only a 7 hour drive from Philly.  Long, but worth it.  The longer the better when you have the wind in your face and two wheels on the ground.  Ride on

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  1. Love this, sounds like a very cool exeperience and great bonding!

    Buckets & Spades


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