Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Gifts for Dad

Christmas Gifts for Dad

1.  Dad sure does love a finely crafted brew, so long as it's not too "hoppy".  Get him a growler full of your favorite seasonal brew or his old standby. here

2.  Ah, the regular here, the Kershaw Leek.  Dad loves the springy action and the fact that if he does lose a hand attempting his "projects", he only needs the one to open it. here

3. Backwoodsman Magazines are definitely a treat.  Packed full of useful and interesting bushcraft and frontiersman/woman skills.  A delight to read, old man likes 'em too.  here

4.  Your local Army Navy store will have tons of these in stock.  Dad can finally wear a nice sweater that doesn't have a snowman knitted on the front for the holidays.  here

5.  Though he'd never admit it, he'll love what this stuff does to those gnarly old man hands of his. Badger Balm is the almighty hand soother. here

6.  Dad might not like this one, but everyone in the house will.  He will appreciate the sentiment, but why does his beer taste like pecans, apricots, and spices.  Aren't these things for girls?!  Nah! here

7.  And finally, the gift to outdo all other family members with, the Gransfor Bruks Forest Axe.  Enough said.  here


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